Dispatch Instructions




  • Larry Ross

    Can you have multiple drops

  • Allen Campbell

    Larry, yes you can have multiple drops and multiple shippers too.  After you enter a shipper you should see another button to add shipper.  Just click on it and repeat the instructions for adding a shipper.  For multiple drops do the same thing.  After you enter a consignee you should see another button to add consignee.  Just click on it and repeat the instructions for adding a consignee.

  • Linda Arnason

    how do you delete a driver?

  • Allen Campbell

    To delete a driver go to the dashboard and click on drivers from the settings tool bar to the right.  Then select the driver to be deleted and click on view.  The delete button will be to the right.  Let me know if you have any other questions or problems.


  • Richard Bagley

    no Canadian providences?

  • Allen Campbell

    Canadian provinces will be added soon.  I will post it when they are added.

  • Lisa Lockey

    It only breaks your mileage down for each state from shipper to cosignee.  It figures your deadhead miles but doesn't break them down for each state and include them with the loaded miles. 

  • Kenneth Barner

    I cannot enter shipping and delivery date.  It is say pick up cannot be before delivery

  • Allen Campbell

    Canadian provinces have now been added.  When entering an address you can type the Canadian name or you can find them at the bottom of the list of states.

  • Allen Campbell

    Lisa,  your deadhead miles are included in the over-all mileage report.  The mileage reports include all miles.

  • Allen Campbell

    Ken,  try using the date selector calendar to the right of the date entry field.  Feel free to contact me if you continue to have problems.


    How will I fill out the invoices for hauling logs to 2-3 different places daily?  Thanks

  • Allen Campbell


    You could make 2-3 different dispatches every day if you need to.  If the invoices are for different customers you would need to create separate dispatches for each one.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Brian Belisle

    1. What is put in the BOL field?

    2. Do I need to invoice every load even though I am factoring them?


  • Brian Belisle

    In reports: driver pay and monthly revenue are not generating any amounts. Is this because I have not done an invoice on them?

  • Allen Campbell

    Brian,  the BOL is for the bill of lading for your load.  If you enter the BOL it will display on your invoice, but you don't have to enter it if you don't want to.  On your other question, yes that is why the money is not showing up on reports.  You should show the loads paid when you get paid from the factoring company, then the revenue will show up on the reports.  Driver pay is a separate issue.  It should show up.  I am not sure how you have your driver pay set up.  If you have it set on manual pay then you have to enter an amount on the dispatch entry.

  • Cedric Wade


  • william potter

    I am having trouble with the Unit rev. report. Only showing on one truck. Plus it seems When I added trip expense for 667 my fuel mileage on 711 went way down. What am I doing wrong??

  • Shelly Chappell
    How do I delete a customer. When doing a dispatch, the drop down list does not show all my customers. So then I end up adding it multiple times. How do I make the lst longer?
  • James Bell

    how do i inter out of route miles, ie i went home after one pic, made one the next day, back home, then delivered multi stops.

  • Allen Campbell

    To enter fuel for IFTA reports use expenses.  There is a fuel category already set up.

    To find your customers in a long list type in more than 2 letters.  Try typing in the complete name of the customer.

    To modify the routes used during a dispatch add a stop off by adding an extra shipper.  If the extra miles are in between loads then use empty move.

    If you are having any other problems feel free to email me at support@truckingoffice.com 

  • Barbara & Charles Beverly

    In the mileage block, do I enter the mileage on the truck when the load is loaded or when the load is delivered?  Also, why are some of my dispatches coming up green and some yellow?

  • User

    Will this work with LTL loads? I often carry 2 or more different loads on the same trip with different customers. How can I do this?

  • User

    we are a local trucker and move heavy volumes from port to local rails on daily basis, how can i create a dispatch from point A to point B 50x's if i don't know which driver i will be using first but i want to have the dispatch created and ready for the first driver that callsso i may actually dispatch him?

  • Todd Essex

    Multiple repetitive dispatches can be cloned and dated for the future.  I would create a place holder driver under the settings tab and call him something like 'Unknown".  This way on the dispatches screen you will see "Unknown" and know you will need to assign a driver to the dispatch.   

  • User

    Do you have Videos so that we can see how to use this?  I am on my 30-day trial?

  • Christine Lowman

    Would it be possible for carriers that book freight with Brokers only, to just be able to enter only a City, State, and Zip for Shipper/Receiver.  Sometimes Brokers don't provide their customers info. 

  • Jimmy Bagwell

    Why is it telling me my dates are out of order????

    I don't see anything wrong.

    I'm inputting past load information

  • Todd Essex

    As long as the previous dispatch is before your first shipper and your consignees are after your shippers, the item you probably need to change is the truck's initial date.  If you go to Settings/Unit/click on Edit the truck you are using and find the initial starting date.  It must be before your first dispatch.

    For immediate help you can chat with us, email us (help@truckingoffice.com) or call at 800-253-9647

  • Mayra Ruiz

    I tried this and it really does not help I still get the same error message

    • Dates are out of order
    • This unit has at least one other dispatch during this time frame. Dispatches can't have overlapping pickups and deliveries for the same unit.

    I own an auto transport company so one trip/load may consist of eight brokered Vehicles.  So I am entering Broker in the customer field, the shipper is the location where I pick up at the consignee is the location where I drop off my vehicle.  I enter my first vehicle for this trip with no problem but when I entered and tried   to save my second vehicle for my first trip it will not allow me to save and it gave the error message mentioned above.  Please let me know what I am doing wrong and how can I fix this problem.

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