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  • Joseph Ndungu

    How do I enter LTL loads picked up on 2 different days and delivering on 2 different days and places. e.g. I pick up a partial load in NY on Wednesday for delivery in Texas on Monday next week. Along the way, I pick up a partial load in TN to add on the half full trailer for Sunday Delivery in TX. If I try to generate the dispatch for this 2 loads, I get an error that this truck is already on dispatch and cannot overlap dates.  

  • Todd Essex

    You cannot enter it as two different loads, since that would be like having the truck in two places at once.  They will need to be on the same dispatch to keep the mileage correct, but his will also mean you can only invoice one customer.

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  • User

    I dispatch 4 trucks but not all under the same company. Is there any way to generate reports and invoices for each truck separately?

  • Todd Essex

    You can invoice and run many of the reports separately for each truck, but the revenue and expenses are for one company (all the trucks you have entered) in other reports.  The best way to keep all of the funds separate is to have a separate account for each company.

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  • Dennis Dennis

    How do you edit an Invoice once its saved

  • Todd Essex

    How to edit a Dispatch after Invoicing

    Todd Essex
    posted this on July 12, 2012 12:44

    Question:  How do I change a Dispatch after creating an Invoice?

    Answer:  You cannot make changes to a Dispatch after creating an Invoice.  This is to make sure all your information on the Dispatch matches the Invoice you created.  To make changes you must first delete the Invoice.  To delete the invoice you must click on view then you will see the delete button at the top of the page.  Now you can make your changes to the Dispatch and create a new Invoice.  The invoice and the information on it is completely generated from the dispatch.

  • Karen Ragno

    How do I delete previous dispatch(it shows mileage,date and location date and location are wrong) when first setting everything up? I entered it incorrectly,I later discovered.

  • Todd Essex

    A dispatch can be deleted at any time, unless it has an invoice created from it.  If it does, just delete the invoice then you can edit/delete the dispatch.

  • Karen Ragno

    Todd, I am still having trouble deleting date and location. I am on the Add a Dispatch page,Basic details just before Add Customer. I add driver, trk/trl info which works perfectly with drop downs then it shows Previous Dispatch. Previous Dispatch is what needs changed. No invoices have been created. The previous dispatch is "grayed out" and I can't figure out how to get rid of that. Previous Dispatch should show Oklahoma City on 08/22/2013. Thanks!


  • Karen Ragno

    Todd, I got it sorted out. Thanks Diana!

  • Todd Essex

    Glad to hear it Diana.  On the very first dispatch the previous location is determined by the initial location of the truck.  All dispatches after that are determined by the dispatch (for that truck) before it.

  • Dragos Ideliu

    How can I change a load number under Dispatches?

  • Rebecca Hunt

    I wish it would save more shipper's......I have about 6 to 10 drops one week and then 6-10 drops another week ...and I have to keep entering in the information because it will only save a few.....also it automatically puts the fuel surcharge for me...not for my driver...same thing with the lumper fee..

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