Reefer Fuel




  • Yvonne Williams

    If I add it as an expense category, it doesn't give me the option to input how many gallons were purchased so that I can track it.

  • Diana Sprouse

    Correct, however, if you input the gallons into the description it will appear on the expense tab. You are able to pull up just that category then in your expenses. If you change the view then to show 100 instead of 25 you will be able to see more of that expense category at 1 time. Then you can easily copy and paste into excel, select the column with the description that has the gallons in it, and have the auto sum function calculate the reefer fuel gallons total for you so that you do not need to go in and manually add up each description field with the gallons. If you have any questions on how to do this please let me know as I am happy to help. 


    I have submitted your suggestion as a separate reefer fuel category that will be able to capture the gallons just as the current fuel category does for you so that it can be automatically calculated for you within the software. Thank you for your feedback. 

  • Glenn Crawford
    I would also like to see this feature added.
  • Rosalie Taylor

    o also would like to see this feature added for reefer fuel

  • Wendi Robinson

    Agree... Much needed feature to be added... Please!

  • Haylee Gallagher


  • Jay Dhaliwal




  • Rodney McIff

    Why hasn't this been done, it would be a great feature!

  • Stephanie Gibbons

    Great news!! We now have a separate category for Reefer Fuel that will allow you to enter gallons. We appreciate your patience and business!! :)

  • Yvonne Williams

    My life is more complete now.  JOY!

  • Glenn Crawford

    GREAT, How do i find this feature

  • Stephanie Gibbons


    When you're choosing a category under the Expense column in the top black navigation bar, you would select "reefer fuel" from the drop down box. Once selected, there will be a field for Gallons as well as a fuel vendor.

    If you have already created your own category for reefer fuel, you can Edit those expenses and change it to the pre-selected Reefer Fuel category that we just added (you will know if it's the right one if you see "gallons"  and "fuel vendor" once you've selected it. Once you've switched your existing reefer fuel expenses to the new one, you can also delete the expense category if necessary, that way it's less confusing.

    Hope this helps!! If you need any assistance with this, please feel free to call our office at 1(800)253-9647. We are in the office Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM eastern time. 

  • Glenn Crawford

    OK great. found it and used it, now how do i get it to come up when entering dispatch load?

  • Stephanie Gibbons



    We recently added that feature as well. If you're on the Basic plan, you can add a separate Reefer Fuel Expense at the bottom of the Dispatch page....if you're on Pro, it will be located on the bottom of the Trips page.


    Hope this helps!! Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

  • Dan Ozarchevici

    I use FleetOne fuel card. Any way i can upload the fuel card report that has fuel, reefer fuel, additives, oil expenses listed instead of manual add all these.

  • B T

    i also use fleet one fuel card and entering each truck fuel data takes way too long,


    i can download file in pdf excel csv from fleetone but trying to import them to truckingoffice doesnt add up right.


    are you guys working on way to get this fixed or improved.  i know you can go in expense

    Import Fuel Expenses 


    Use this form to upload fuel expenses from a CSV file.


    doing it way doesn't add to each load per truck,  there has to be a way to import data directly from fleet one to each truck that listed when fleet one card is used to get diesel.


    you guys still dont have option to add def 

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