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Dispatch routing



  • Robert Dotson

    Is this what we should do for dead head miles as well? I just want to make sure the miles for IFTA are accurate and match my drivers log.

  • Dan Determan

    this little flaw makes the program unusable for me

  • Allen Campbell

    This really is very easy to handle.  All you have to do is check the routing after creating a dispatch from the dispatch review page.  If the routing does not match the roads actually traveled then add an extra shipper.  Maybe add a shipper from where you bought fuel for example.  The extra shipper does not affect the invoice or anything else.  It does solve the routing issue, and it is very easy to do.  Deadhead miles are automatically calculated based on the previous dispatch, so you do not have anything for deadhead miles.

  • Clay Allman

    What if after adding an extra stop the miles are still not correct?  Is there no way to account for a driver getting on and off the interstate/rest areas?  ie:  Put in your odometer readings and then proportionally spread the miles like some others do.

  • Allen Campbell

    Clay,  right now there is no way to add these types of extra miles.  We will add some more flexibly in the near future.

  • Cynthia or Ramiro Flores

    After making the last drop how to I input the miles going to our home location. and instead of from last location to the next pick up location

  • Permanently deleted user

    When you create a dispatch, the first run it does is the deadhead from the last location of the truck to the first pickup (shipper).  You will enter the pickup and drop off (shipper and consignee) and that will be the end of the dispatch.  When you start the next dispatch, it will automatically deadhead you from that last dispatch to the first pickup again.  If you need to move the truck between dispatches, use the empty move button.

  • Patrick Hogan

    trying to save dispatch and am getting this message, but can't find anything wrong-

    ERROR: There are some problems. Please correct:

    1. Route Not Found.
  • Wellington Marquez

    This thread was started about ten years ago and this feature still has not been improved as of June of 2022, I don't understand why your software developers can't simply make the software track the mileage off of the ELD gps, based on the truck movements like most other providers do. It is simple to make the corrections the way you explain it so that the miles match the actual mileage, however when you have 4 or 5 trucks or more on the road, the last thing you want to do is spend your time making unnecessary corrections that can easily be fixed with a software update, this is a very good software package except for this one weakness which most likely is turning drivers away. 


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