Expense Instructions




  • Valerian Sandor

    How can i delete a categori?

  • Allen Campbell

    Hello Valerian,  to delete an expense category > from expense list click on list expense categories > choose the category to be deleted > click edit > click cancel > click delete.

  • Kevin LaGrange

    how can I add fuel on a trip after the load is invoiced?

  • Todd Essex


    You can add fuel at the top under Expenses.  If you want to attach it to specific dispatch, it will have to be added to that dispatch.

    To edit a dispatch you must delete the invoice created from it.  Next edit the dispatch and add the fuel expense to it, then resave the dispatch.  You can now recreate the invoice and use the same invoice number and date again if you like.

    Thank you

  • User

    Is there any way to generate a Unit expenses report, or download expenses per unit? Current settings just allow to see the list of expensives, but we can't export or generate a report per unit.

  • Todd Essex

    The Unit Revenue Report will list the total dollar amount of the expenses for that unit for the time frame you choose not including driver settlements.

  • Lisa Black

    How do you allocate fixed cost like insurance, payments, 2290 tax, UCR and IFTA payments, etc to reflect that expense per dispatch?

  • Yesenia Vasquez

    Where can I enter driver's deductions to be reflected on his paycheck? Tks

  • User Demo


    You can enter driver deductions in the Driver Accessory Pay box as a negative so it will be taken out of his driver settlement.

  • Jadea Fields

    Is there a way to break down Driver's Settlement for exactly why we are deducting from his pay for example: if Driver A had been given fuel advances for 1000.00 but his fuel receipts only added up to $697.00 and his tolls were $120.00 so we only have $817.00 in receipts and need to deduct the $183.00 from his pay how can I break that down on the Driver Settlement Sheet?

    Also when entering tolls... (the Customer is responsible for paying the tolls and Fuel costs)

    what is the best way to enter the tolls so it reflects on their invoices

  • Todd Essex

    Hello Jadea,

    We will be breaking down owner operators vs company drivers better with expanded areas for adding or subtracting pay (taxable vs nontaxable) and areas to describe the additions or subtractions.  Right now the system doesn't let you do that very well to show on the driver settlement.

    When creating the dispatch, enter the $1,000 as the Driver Advance, add up the other receipts for a total of $817 and enter it as Driver Accessory Pay.  Between the two, it will deduct a total of $183 from his pay.  At this point you can describe in detail the Driver Accessory Pay on his settlement when you export to a spreadsheet to tell him what was added or subtracted.Everything you want to invoice the customer is entered in the Fees/Charges section when creating a dispatch.  You can enter additional charges in two ways: 1) If you are charging a flat fee, you can add it to the primary fee, or 2) Total it and add it to Additional Accessory Fees.  Either way, you can then describe the tolls and fuel costs under the Customer Required Info and it will be shown on the invoice describing them in detail.
    Thank you

  • Stephen Oatway

    its tax time and every year i have to go in an delete double entries etc.  This is no problem for the first hundred entries but very time consuming 25 pages in.  After i delete a double entry the expense category defaults back to the first page.  It takes 2 sec to delete a double entry but 45 sec to get back to where i left off. There has got to be a quicker way. Also, the search button works occasional when i enter an exact dollar amount looking for an expense. So i know it can work but it only seems to work when it feels like it.... Just sayin.   Steve

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