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Invoice Instructions



  • Stanley Ward Jr

    How do I delete an invoice once it is generated?  I found a mistake after generating the invoice now I cannot delete it and start over.

  • Clay Allman

    I can not view the pdf invoice.  It brings up an error screen with the following info:


    Duplicate headers received from server

    The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue.
    Error 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION): Multiple distinct Content-Disposition headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks.
  • Marcus Mathews

    Is there any way to customize the invoices with our company logo?

  • Allen Campbell

    Chris,  a logo upload feature will be developed soon.  Stay tuned for details.

  • User

    im curious to know if i can add the consignee info on the invoice so the customer sees what job im billing for

  • User

    can we mark multiple invoices paid at one time?

    If so ,how?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Right now you have to mark them individually.  In the future we will have a faster way to mark a large number of them paid at one time.

  • John VanHoozer

    Is there a way to edit the invoice themplate to include interest percentage for late payment? I'd like all my invoices to include this with the hopes of expediting the payment process

  • Stephanie Gibbons

    Hello John,


    You can click on Profile, which is located in the top black Navigation bar, then click Edit Options in the top left corner. Towards the bottom, you will see a section that says Invoice Options. Here, you can enter invoice terms, later charges, and an invoice message that will appear on the bottom of every invoice. 

    Also, if you ever want to include information for individual invoices, within the planned load section under pickup, you will see a section titled "customer required info". Anything entered into this section will appear on the invoice.

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to give us a call at 1(800)253-9647 if you have any other questions. We are in the office Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM eastern time. We appreciate your business! :)


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