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    I am trying your software out to see if it will fit my needs. I am a diesel company that is going to start helping some of our small fleet customers out by doing thier bookwork for them. When I registered, I of course did so as Branham Diesel Services. I then needed to add my 1st company so I did so under adresses. Is that correct? I can not figure out how under the Silvola trucking, I add drivers and their units and how I add thier information. Can you please help me in understanding this?


  • Todd Essex

    Each company will need their own subscription to keep their records separate.

  • Gayle Anderson



    For some reason, the driver pay is not working.  It will not pull any amounts from the dispatch board.

  • Todd Essex

    Hi Gayle,

    When a dispatch is created, the system looks to the driver's information to determine how to pay him (manual, per mile, load %).  I have a feeling that he was in the system as paid per mile, but was recently changed to manual pay.  If no dollar amount was entered in the manual pay box, the driver's pay will be zero.

    To change existing dispatches set as manual pay back to pay per mile:  Make sure the driver's information is set to pay per mile.  Next go to each dispatch that is in error and click on edit.  This will make the system change his pay structure to his current settings and change the dispatch as needed.

    Also you can reach us by sending an email to:

    Thank you.


    How can I have extra consignees show in the invoice?


  • Todd Essex

    The system only lists the last consignee on the dispatch.  I will put this on the list of suggestions to be added to the program.

  • User

    every time I try to save a dispatch I get this,

    4 errors prohibited this dispatch from being saved

    There were problems with the following fields:

    • Customer can't be blank
    • You must enter at least one shipper
    • You must enter at least one consignee
    • You must enter all shippers and consignees
  • Todd Essex


    The first time you create a dispatch, you will have to create & enter the complete information for your payer (customer), the pick up location (shipper), and the drop off location (consignee).  Once they are entered into the system they will always be there and will appear in the drop down menu by typing in the first two letters of the company name. There is also a video you can review about entering dispatches at YouTube (type in TruckingOffice into their search bar).

    Do not hesitate to email or call us at: or 800-253-9647

  • Ghazal Hanif

    how can I change miles into kilometers fot ifta reporting in ontario

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