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Expesne ) Fuel and Insurance



  • Charles Roberts

    I am having the same issue. When looking at a trip overview, driver pay on the profit/loss should be driver settlement pay not driver base pay. As it is then you are deducting twice for all expenses!

  • John Marr

    Your profit and loss does NOT change when it comes to NET pay wjeather it be an O/O or company driver.  Your profit and loss is calcualted off the GROSS payroll or Contractor liability owed.  Example if your O/O goss's $1000.00 you gave him an advance of $500.00 his Net is $500.00.  Your P&L goes off the gross not NET.


  • B T

    i do have same issues,


    i got 2 owner operator we pay all the fuel and charge em back biweekly but when all info is enter per load our profit is now showing minus 

  • Stephanie Gibbons

    Good Morning,


    On the Pro version of the software, when you are adding your trip, you will see a section toward the bottom to add your fuel expenses. You will enter the date, then you will see an "amount" field right below. If the fuel expense is not a company expense, you will leave this field BLANK. (right below, it says it is used for expense reporting). If you enter the amount here, it will deduct from the company profit.

    Then, you will see a section that says "include on driver settlement". You can select "deduct from driver pay"-when you select that option, another amount field will populate. That is where you will put the deduction amount. 

    If you have any other questions or need assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 1(800)253-9647. We are available Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM Eastern time. 


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