• User

    I have e-fax now, it would be nice to have it all in one.

  • Allen Campbell

    We recently added the ability to email invoices from the app.  Will this help, or would you still want to fax from the app?  What other docs would you want to fax/email?

  • User

    Possibly the initial dispatch structure for satisfying the brokers need for truck, trailer, and driver info?

  • Todd Essex

    Thank you for the suggestion, I am adding it to the options to be developed in the system.


    Can we have some way to scan receipt / attached fuel receipt to expense created?


    Please, I have been asking for this for a while now.  The new feature (mapping) one should be able to see the toll cost.  I have PC miller from another software and they provide this.  I am paying the $10 but think that this should be included.


    Let me know what you think



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