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Settlements & Pay Stubs



  • User

    WE run a heavy haul company with lease drivers.  We need to be able to customize deductions for say Pilot Cars, OS/OW Permits, Fuel Advances and sometimes misc. outlays that are deducted for leae trucks.  If we are unable to itemize these things we will not be able to use your program.  This seems like a simple program to use, but if we cannot have the features we need for driver/truck settlement we would have to do a 2nd settlement statement on our own to itemize all deductions

  • Todd Essex


    All of those deductions can be done by itemizing them in the Expenses categories and they will each be assigned to a truck on a specific date.  I would suggest adding them together as one large advance, then settling the difference as a second Expense.  We will be adding more features so that you can be more specific in your Expense categories for Owner Operators in the future.

  • B T

    hello i would also like to see better layout for driver settlement.  thanks

  • Julian Wells
    Can a feature be added to email drivers paystubs directly from the settlements over to the driver?
  • Mike Mike

    our payroll service email them out for us.

  • Jarvis Washington

    Hello how can I add deductions to my driver settlements and also for them to see them weekly? Also is there any kind of way for the driver to see gross revenue before percentage is taken out on the pay stub? For example gross revenue 600 net pay 510.


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