Expense Report Totals



  • Ibraim Brao
    Expence categories if you can improve some changes:
    1) For expence categorys be able to generate monthly statement with total spent categorized sepertaly as they are categorized.
    2)This might be other, Ifta (miles end of each trip) be able to remove miles showing that you drove through the State and add them manualy if necessary.There is option to add more miles but not to remove the one that is generated by Getloaded Ops?
    For example Get loaded Ops might generate States that actualy not driven through!
    Thank You
  • Diana Sprouse

    Hi Ibrahim,

    I responded to your email on this as well but I wanted to take the time on our forum for our other customers as well. These features are currently available within the software. On our dashboard we have several reports listed. One of those is the expense report that allows you to choose the dates like just that month to be able to see the categories and their expense totals for the month. We also give you an option on that report to be able to export the report to a spreadsheet or export your whole expense list to a spreadsheet as needed.

    Also, currently on the dispatch details screen it will break down the state miles for you that are tied to IFTA. You are able to click on the edit miles under the State miles and manually add or subtract miles for a more accurate total of miles per state as needed. If you would like to subtract mileage you are able to enter a negative number to remove those miles. If you have any questions on these features please let us know as we are happy to help.



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