New Feature: Partial Payments on Invoices




  • John Millar

    Not sure how to handle the Quickpay fees and rebates.   717-495-1269

  • User

    That's my issue as well.  How do you handle the remaining balance when it is a quick pay fee....not an actual balance?  Can a change be made so that we can mark that as a fee and not a balance owed to us?

  • Todd Essex

    Right now there isn't a way to leave the mark paid left short the quick pay amount.  You will have to leave them just short the amount of the quick pay fee and enter the balance as an expense.  We will be modifying it so that in the future you can account for that discount.

  • Ayub Sharif

    It will also be good to if you add new box for % we charge for the o/o when we dispach them, just like the one you mad for drivers. Thanks

  • Todd Essex

    That is a good idea.  I will add it to the list of features to be added.

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